I am amazed at the number of comments that get posted to my blog posts about art licensing agencies looking for artists.  I delete most of them because there is no point to them.

If a blog post talks about an agency, and SPECIFICALLY STATES the contact information for that agency, do you really think they are going to come back trolling the comments on my blog in search of artists?  In case I need to state the obvious – the answer is NO.

If you want to build a business as an artist, you must take initiative.

Silver PlatterCommenting on a post or YouTube video saying, “I want an agent” isn’t initiative.

Following the directions and contacting the agency in a professional manner is.

Learning about the industry you are interested in and working daily to learn how to succeed is.

Networking with others – meaning you don’t just ask for help but you offer it too – is taking initiative.

Emailing me and asking me to give you all the answers or build your business for you isn’t.

Get the idea???

If you really want something – you need to work for it – most successful businesses weren’t hand-delivered on a silver platter.

Here’s to your creative success –

– Tara Reed

P.S.  If you are looking for an art licensing agent, start by looking at the list of agencies  – and their contact information – on the AGENTS tab of this blog – each and every one has asked to be included so it’s a great place to start!