I must admit I was very resistant to social networking at first. I didn’t want to have a blog. I didn’t really understand how to use it and felt that I didn’t want to share too much personal information over the Internet.

In June I went to a workshop to learn more about Internet marketing. During the course of the three days there was a lot of talk about social networking and how it can help in any kind of business. Pat O’Brien and Craig Perrine who taught the class encouraged us to start blogs, to Twitter, join Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and more. They encouraged us to create videos on YouTube.  These are all ways to connect with clients, colleagues and friends… and all for little or no cost.

Fast forward three months and I’ve changed from a meek caterpillar to a little social butterfly.

I have fully embraced Twitter and Facebook, as my main social networking sites.  I blog regularly.  (Obviously, since that is what you are reading!) I am learning more about LinkedIn and reconnecting with people I worked with 16 years ago — fun!

Social Networking can be used to make and foster both personal and business connections.  It can help you learn and grow.  And sometimes, it’s just plain lonely in a studio alone so it’s nice to have  a way to connect!

I’ve just heard of Plaxo and have no idea what that is… guess I best investigate!

I’ll be talking more about how to use these sites to your advantage, but for now, why don’t you join me?

~ Tara

Use the links above or to the right to find me on social sites.  Hope to hear from you soon!