Ever since my email was leaked a few months ago, I’ve been having issues.  I can’t email my best friend because Comcast.net thinks I’m a threat to their people… My last two eNewsletters have had a substantially decreased open rate – it seems it’s due to SPAM REJECTION.

I’m not sure if that means artists are clicking the “spam” button in their email manager thinking it’s the quickest way to decrease email inbox overload or if it the servers rejecting the emails because of the above issue…

PLEASE don’t click “spam” when you get an email from me.  Take a minute to hit the blue “cancel” link at the bottom of any email you receive – it will help me avoid these time consuming headaches.

This is what you will find at the bottom of most emails – just click that blue Cancel and you are off the list – no worries at all!

unsubscribe from emails by clicking the "Cancel" link please!

I get that inboxes get full and sometimes people decide they don’t want to be on a list anymore.  (I assure you – my emails are only sent to artists who have signed up and confirmed their interest in a free list or who have purchased a product – I don’t sign anyone up myself!)  Sometimes hitting that “this is spam” seems like the quickest way to deal with it – but it creates havoc on the other end.

Thanks for your help!

– Tara Reed