We had over 100 artists on the line last night – hope you were able to join us!  We covered lots of great information, tweeted, Facebooked and had a great time!  Thanks to artists like you who submit questions and the experts who join me – this is a valuable resource for learning about art licensing.  The replay is now available for purchase – $20 thru March 31st – a great deal for an hour of education and your purchase helps offset the cost and time involved and helps me pay Maria for her time to help. (Thank you again Maria!)

What we covered on the call…

  • Did you have a substantial body of work already created and ready to go before you started trying to license your work or did you create designs as you went along?
  • If I sign a exclusive deal with a greeting card company for my photographs can I sell the same image to another company for a different product?
  • Besides the general questions how about some of the nitty-gritty, like besides the art image, what other information do you include in your portfolio?
  • Being self employed and/or working from home how do you separate work from home? How do you get things accomplished without a boss to answer to?
  • Is it ever ”too early” to go after the ”big whale”? Should relatively unknown artists go after the bigger brands?
  • How can a new artist best take advantage of walking a trade show like Surtex, when they are not an exhibitor?
  • Is it necessary to go to the trade shows to get started, or is contacting licensees on your own a viable way of working?
  • Where do you get contracts from when you are starting and how/when are changes made, if any?
  • I am not interested in licensing my designs to products that will be produced in China. This is a big moral dilemma for me.  How much will I be ”shooting myself in the foot” if I stay true to that?

Remember – the replay is on sale for $20 thru Saturday, March 31st so grab your copy at the discounted price now!

Resources we mentioned on the call…

I recommended a book – Strengths Finder 2.0 – more about it on the blog next week.  Click here* if you want to check it out now… http://amzn.to/GGtDuN

Maria mentioned a blog post she wrote, Our Biggest Mistake Ever – As an Artist, and why she doesn’t think it’s the best idea for artists to become manufacturers. Read it here >> http://mariabrophy.com/business-of-art/our-biggest-mistake-ever-as-an-artist.html

We also talked a lot about contracts and mentioned the eBook Maria & I co-authored – How to Understand Art Licensing Contracts.  We are both very proud of this book and have received great feedback – check it out >> ArtLicensingInfo.com/contracts.html

What’s Up Next…

The next call is with Paul Brent on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 and will be his third SURTEX Recap and question call.  He does an amazing job summing up his impressions of the show, the industry and trends the week after the SURTEX show – be sure to join us!  He will also answer some questions so submit them at www.AskPaulBrent.com when you are ready!