SURTEX is nearly here – I’m busy with final preparations and packing and lots of questions are flying around about etiquette for walking the show and in particular, for talking to agents.

Art licensing agent Alicia Dauber of Licensing Liaison and I are teaching the Basics of Art Licensing – Part 2 together on Sunday so I asked her for some quick tips that I could share.  Here is what she had to say –

Although most agents are interested in seeing  new work and meeting new artists, please keep in mind that the trade show floor is not the place to review your portfolios!   Trade show expenses including the cost of a booth are extremely high and the agent has spent thousands of dollars to be there.  They have to make it pay for themselves and the artist partners they represent by following up on as many appointments as they can for the artists that are currently in their stable.

It is absolutely acceptable to unobtrusively leave a business card or flyer on their table while making a note of the agent’s  name for future follow up after the show.  If the agent is not busy speaking to a client when you walk by, a quick hello and that you would like to email him or her about your work after the show is completed is fine.

Have fun!!  Wear comfortable shoes, enjoy the show and the education about the industry that it brings you while being appropriate and considerate of those who have paid to be there to work.    And BEST wishes to you in your search for an agent!

This advice is great in regards to artists as well.  I love meeting people who read this blog, listen to the Ask Calls and more but it can be overwhelming to try and juggle meeting artists with the main reason I’m there – to meet manufacturers.  So if you are there and I’m busy – be sure to wave and if I’m not – say hi!

Alicia and I would love to see you on Sunday in our class – click here to get all the details.  You can register in advance or in New York – your choice!

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed