It’s been a year since my big search for a better way to track licensees, potential licensees, mailing lists, email interactions and more… after many Google searches and Twitter inquiries, I discovered Daylite software from Marketcircle*.  A Mac application, the PC equivalent would be ACT.

How has Daylite helped my business?

  1. I no longer have to manually move emails to folders to track communication with people and companies. If a contact is in Daylite and linked to their email, any correspondence in or out, is automatically recorded. So if I wonder when I last emailed a client and what I sent, I simply look at the activity for that person.  So more organized, less time.
  2. People are connected to companies and categorized as I wish. I have a “Manufacturer” list that gets moved to mailing labels for semi-annual postcards.  If a person doesn’t need a postcard, they are on the “Manufacturer – no mailing” list.  Organize people and companies however you want – quickly and easily.
  3. My calendar is in Daylite and I can link to people and profiles. So no need to re-type info, just hit a “+” button, connect to the person and the info trail is made for you.
  4. I use the Daylite Touch feature so I can sync to my iPhone as well. Handy for appointments set outside the office.  While it is only me now, if I were to grow and different people were adding things to the calendar, we could all stay sync’d through the web. Cool!
  5. I organize art submissions and task lists for specific companies and events. There are some licensees I work with on an ongoing basis.  Instead of searching through all the emails to see what art I have submitted, I can create a note where I keep a running list.  I keep a list of articles I publish on art licensing.  I have a checklist of things to do to prepare for trade shows. Whatever you want to track, you can, in a variety of ways but all in one place.

Those are the first things that come to mind, there are probably more.  But this I know for sure: I have better control of my information flow and calendar than I did before using more disjointed systems.  More control with less effort means more time to paint, call licensees, find new business… heck, even take some time for myself!

As you grow your business, add systems and software that will help you become more productive.

Great systems make you more productive with less effort and in less time.

Equally important, I discovered Matthew Bookspan – a Daylite Elite Partner who helped me get setup and get the program organized and working for my business.  Now I have no vested interest in constantly telling you about Matthew (as in I get no free products or compensation) but I really feel he was a great investment.  I’m quite sure that if I ordered the software online and installed it myself, I wouldn’t be using it to it’s fullest potential.  By getting help, I spent a little money but reap the benefits in my business every day.

I thought my 1 year anniversary of Daylite was a great time to revisit this system that has me smiling and moving forward.

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

P.S. In case you missed this video in the fall, here’s more info about Daylite:

[youtube NLDd2Cdf0YI]

FTC Disclosure: The Daylite link is Matthew Bookspan’s source link – I’ve been so happy with his service that I want Daylite to know how much interest he is generating. 🙂