and his equally fabulous wife LanaJane.  I feel so fortunate that they have a house in Seaside, Oregon, a little over an hour from my house.  How serendipity is that because otherwise we couldn’t live much farther apart – Oregon to Florida.

Paul and LanaJane came in to Portland last week and I had the chance to spend the day with them.


They got to experience my amazing parking skills in the underground parking garage… ok, not so amazing.  I was freaking out about getting in the space and they were both out of the car guiding me… not my finest moment but we all laughed about it!

We wandered around the Pearl District checking out furniture stores, home stores and some clothing stores to see what colors and patterns were trending, cool display ideas and more.  I highly recommend you spend a day like that with fellow artists – they have a different ‘eye’ for things than your non-artist friends and family.

One of the best parts was talking shop with two people with so much insight and experience in art licensing.  We bounced ideas off each other… I’ll be the first to admit I was doing more bouncing off of them than they were of me but I think I got them thinking a little… hopefully the “newer to the industry” perspective was helpful.  I like to give as much as I get!

But here is the point of this blog post… Paul Brent knows art licensing. He has 20+ years of industry experience and great insights into how to create a sustainable business that is diverse and flexible enough to survive without ‘painting yourself in a box’ as we kept saying.  I watched in awe as he and LanaJane looked through some of my work and gave me suggestions for how to position and grow my business.

Having a fresh set of eyes look at your work and give you guidance is so valuable.  And Paul really enjoys doing it.  So I highly recommend you consider coaching with him.  Whether you are new to the business or in it for a while like I am, he has value to add.

Here is what one of his coaching clients had to say:

Last night I had my first consultation with Paul Brent. (I imagine I will have more in the future!) What a great experience! Paul thoroughly studied my website and for a full hour gave me great insight as to how my art relates to the licensing industry. He gave me information that I would not have gotten elsewhere – a great resource! I highly recommend his consultation services.

Susan Morgan

You just heard what I have to say.  So the last thing I’ll say is if you think you are ready, CLICK HERE and see what coaching services Paul Brent has to offer.

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara