Have you ever gone to a networking event, trade show or other location where you leave with a pile of business cards in your pocket? I love looking at the different layouts and designs (especially artist’s cards –they are usually the most ‘visually pleasing’).

Are you like me, and do you often end up with this same pile of cards sitting on your desk for weeks or months, waiting to be added to a Rolodex, Excel Spreadsheet or some other organization system?  You dust around the pile, heck – I have been know to dust the actual pile before finding the time or energy to do the data entry.


When I was getting trained on my oh-most-awesome contact management software a few weeks ago (you remember, DAYLITE – Mac only, sorry PC users) Matthew Bookspan told me about a great service. (I am just about as excited about this as I am about Daylite)


Here is how it works:

  1. You mail your pile of business cards to them.
  2. They touch them with a magic wand, or scan them or something, and send you a data file with all the information.
  3. You import the data into your Excel file, database, Daylite or whatever system you use.
  4. Then you do a happy dance because you just saved yourself hours of tedious data entry.

I know what you are thinking… it sounds expensive.  NOPE! For $29.95 you can have up to 100 cards done… look at the website for rates for larger quantities.

cloud9artistI used the service and it went without a hitch.  Yeah!  I plan to take all my cards from SURTEX and mail them in too.  Never again will these fingers type names, email addresses and phone numbers… I’m on CLOUD 9 since finding www.CloudContacts.com.

If you’ve had the same piles, dust collectors and frustration, I encourage you to check it out!

~ Tara

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