We had over 100 artists on the line last night listening to Jill’s great experience and advice about art licensing… (the only advice I recommend you DON’T take is to turn down an afternoon invite to the movies with me! 😉 )  We have fun and learned a lot!

Here are the basics of what  we discussed:

  • We talked about Jill’s newly release book – Stark Raving Motherhood*
  • Which do you consider your first calling–artist or writer?
  • What has been the most pivotal event in your career?  Was it one big event, or a build up to solid work, and then a continuation from there?
  • How do you organize your day and still stay inspired?
  • How much artwork did you have before you began to contact licensees?
  • How do you structure access to your portfolio online?
  • When should you reveal in your web presence (website/blog/social media) that you are interested in licensing?
  • Should I always register copyrights before showing art to manufacturers?
  • Talk about the evolution of Nun for the Roadâ„¢
  • Do you create collections for characters like you do for themed art?
  • What would you do when creating a new character line?
  • What do you recommend for finding an agent?

If you’d like the mp3 replay of the call, it is available for $20 thru 4/30 and then goes to the regular price of $30 so get your copy today! (We appreciate your purchasing the audios that are for sale – it helps offset the cost of creating these calls and Jill will receive a % of the sales as a “thank you for your time!”)


As promised, here are the many places you can find and friend Jill Seale…

CHECK OUT HER BOOK – Stark Raving Motherhood – ON AMAZON* – let’s see if we can get it to a third printing!

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

NEXT UP… Paul Brent

The May Ask Call will be on Wednesday, May 25th – the week after the SURTEX show.  Paul will not only be answering questions submitted by artists like you but also doing a show review so mark your calendar to join us!  Submit your question for Paul at www.AskPaulBrent.com