It’s like Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa) in July!

cherylhodgsonLast night’s call was amazing! I am so excited to add Cheryl to the “Art Licensing Info” team of experts willing to share their knowledge.  I learned a lot and am sure you will too.  I was talking with Cheryl this morning and told her that I wanted everyone to have the chance to get to know her by listening to the audio – what did she think about me just giving it to everyone?

I am happy to report that she agreed!  So like Paul Brent, Cheryl’s first call will be available for free and I do believe we will have her as an “Ask Guest” again. I’m working on a list of ideas for eBooks and maybe even teleseminars – she has great knowledge of the industry and delivers it in a very ‘listener friendly’ style… you’ll see.

Here is what we covered:

  • What are the dangers of being sued as a sole proprietorship with no employees? What steps would you suggest to protect yourself from them?
  • I photograph vintage cars and license my images to art publishers. Am I infringing on copyrights when I photograph old Fords or Chevys? Do I need a property release?
  • I am a Nashville based artist and a portion of my portfolio includes painted images of local landmarks.  I have sold many of these images already but have been asked to reproduce some in a postcard collection.  If I’ve already sold the originals, do I still have the right to reproduce them in this manner?  The original was purchased by a local collector from a gallery that represents my work.
  • I hear so many conflicting reports about loading my artwork on websites!  Is there any “red light” language we should look for before uploading our art?
  • What are the most common disputes that arise between licensors and licensees?
  • The difference between trademarks and copyrights as well as what and when to trademark. (And why it is so much more expensive than copyrights.)
  • I have many collections of art that I am copyrighting.  Because there are so many pieces, I would like to group them in as few bundles as possible (to save $).  I have heard of artists doing quarterly registrations like that.  How many pieces of art can safely go into a collection and what would be too much?  I want to cover my bases, be cost effective, but also adequately protect my art.
  • I frequently register my art with the US Copyright office, but consistently discover my work being copied on sites like Etsy.  “Police-ing” the offenders is such a time waster, but it seems necessary. Do you have any advice on how I can protect myself, other than officially copyrighting my art?
  • How can I protect artwork that is on my website?    Should all my image collections be sent to the Washington DC copyright office to be formally copyrighted prior to making presentations?
  • How do I find a good lawyer to negotiate my licensing contracts?  I have tried a regular lawyer who was a friend of the family, a lawyer in the publishing field, and a contract attorney.  All of them have been very expensive and did not adequately cover my rights (which became obvious when issues came up after signing).  What kind of lawyer do I need, how do I find him or her, and how do I know if they are good at what they do?  Also, do you recommend using a lawyer in your area or is working remotely fine?
    (Note from Tara: “Great attorney answering the questions, your search just might be over!”)
  • What are the top 3 most important things that you should be aware of before signing a contract with a manufacturer?
  • If an artist licenses one part of a large piece of art, can that artist also license another part of the same art as long as it is not the same part?

Be sure to visit Cheryl’s site for a free chapter of the BRANDAIDE Internet Enforcement Manual and to get on the mailing list for her monthly Ezine.

She also sent me the 2 PDFs she refers to in the call you for as well…

Click here for the “Brand Dream Team” pdf…

Click here for information about why you would trademark your name…

Now, here’s the link you’ve all been waiting for… CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE REPLAY.

Enjoy this gift and be sure to take advantage – it is well worth your time to listen!

– Tara

P.S.  To see past audio replays that are available for sale, CLICK HERE… a nominal fee to listen and learn in the convenience of your own home!

P.P.S. Someone commented about the call on my Facebook page and I forwarded it to Cheryl, she said, “It would be cool if someone wrote on my wall!”  So let’s show her some love… go be friends and tell her how much you appreciated her efforts… (I need to chat with her about a Facebook address… just login and search “Cheryl L. Hodgson” – she’s in Los Angeles but you’ll recognize the photo.)