Last night my husband and I watched the 2nd episode of The Profit – one of my favorite business shows from CNBC.  This time Marcus Lemonis went to Artistic Stitch in Queens, NY.

Quite a few jaw-dropping things happened – from an odd combination of businesses under one roof, the fudging of the books, lying and the “head of sales” who had no idea who his customers were or how to have a sales conversation.

YES – you will have to have sales conversations (emphasis on CONVERSATION) to succeed in art licensing.

I encourage you to watch this episode – some great insights about how NOT to build and run and business and some great tips on interacting with potential clients.

In addition to all the insights about what NOT to do, I think Marcus is always a great example of what TO DO.  He is always firm but fair – expects honesty but not perfection. His communication with people he works with is great – it shows that he means it when he says the three keys to success are PEOPLE, PROCESS & PRODUCT.

You can watch it online here >

(it isn’t loading right for me now… I believe it is onDemand through Comcast or you can watch it if you have Hulu… if it doesn’t work here, I think it’s worth the effort to watch.)

The Profit - Artistic StitchHere’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed