It seems we artists are never satisfied.  If we have a MacBook, we want an iMac.  If we have a 15″ screen, we want 30″.  You might pretend to be shocked and tell yourself this certainly isn’t the case for you, but deep down you know, you have upgrade envy.

I was talking with Kim Beasley (you know her – she did the Ask About WordPress for Artists call and keeps all my websites up and running) and she was telling me how she wants a new tv.  Her friend tells her hers is just fine and she shouldn’t spend the money but she tells me, “I want a new tv.”  (Oh I hope her friend doesn’t read my blog!)

I remain as neutral as Switzerland because I can tell by Kim’s animated story telling that if I grab some popcorn this is going to be good.

“I was on Google+,” she says, “Asking people how to break my tv so I can get a new one. One guy found me a bunch of great ideas.”

Immediately I thought of you, my blog readers and artist friends and saw something in this for us.

“What did they suggest?  We always want new computers so maybe we can use some of the same strategies.” I tell Kim.

She laughed and then sent me this link to 8 Awesome Ways to Destroy Your TV.  And don’t think they just tell you – they show you – like Jackass meets your average Joe with a vendetta against his tv.

So, if you are looking for a distraction, you can go check it out.  But for the record – this is all in good fun.  If you are crazy enough to blow up your computer, don’t think about holding me responsible. 🙂

Here’s to your creative success – on whatever make, brand, model and size computer you have!

– Tara Reed

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