While on cloud 9 about being included in Joe Vitale’s new book, Expect Miracles, I learned a very cool new thing! (If you didn’t read my “cloud 9 story and want to, click here)

I wanted a copy of the book… IMMEDIATELY!

But instead of driving from store to store, I thought I’d be smart and call the stores to see if they had any.  Save time and gas, right?

I went onto borders.com and clicked on “store locator”.  Right by the phone number it said something like, “Check store inventory online”.  Huh?  Never heard of that!

Unfortunately, they don’t have the book listed so I couldn’t show you how it worked there.  But now I knew the feature existed.  “Do others do this as well?” I wondered…

So, I moved on to barnesandnoble.com to see if my local store had a copy I could rush over and get this-very-minute-if-not-sooner-thank-you-very-much!

picture-111See how when you click on a book, it shows you “Buy it online”, “Buy it used” and “Enter Zip Code”?  Totally cool!

Not so cool was the fact they they don’t have them in stock yet either!

The upside to this whole adrenalin rush is that I saved time, saved gas, and have something cool to share that you might not know about.

~ Tara

P.S.  I’ll be waiting as patiently as I can for my book to arrive in the mail… hurry Mr. Postman, hurry!