I’ve been working too hard and wanted to post something just for fun! Hope it makes you smile knowingly!

Here are 7 Ways to Know You Are Interested in Art Licensing…

  1. You know “Art Licensing” has nothing to do with cars or license plates.
  2. You look at the BACK of products with art on them as much as the front.  Then you jot down the manufacturer or website so you can contact them later.
  3. One of your big goals in life is to have your own art on your checks.
  4. You create art in collections – never just one, lone piece.  (It’s too hard to license one, lone piece!)
  5. You look at a wall of towels in a department store to stay in touch with home décor color trends.
  6. When you watch tv, your significant other looks at you quizzically when you shout out, “Oh, those are Debbie Mumm™ dishes!”  (True story!  I saw her Christmas dishes on a Lifetime Movie and was a little green with envy. — First a stuffed animal on Friends, now dishes on Lifetime — that’s an artist with a successful licensing program! 🙂  )
  7. Instead of rock bands and movie star posters of your college days, today you have a “TO BE AS COOL AS” artist list that has the artists who have “made it in licensing” and inspire you on it!

OK… that’s my 7 off the top of my head.  Anyone else care to play?  Add your thoughts as a comment…

~ Tara

P.S.  Artist BJ Lantz replied to this post by email so she could include a picture with her comment… she gave me permission to add it here…

8.  Every wall in your studio looks like this:bjlantzbulletinboard

To see BJ’s beautiful work, go to: BJLantz.com