Are you single?

Do you know someone who is?

Do you watch TV?

I have to imagine that most people know someone, even if it is themselves, who has tried online dating. I have – that could be a whole other book! Let me assure you, you’d laugh, you’d cry, your jaw would drop to the floor in astonishment.  But I won’t go into details– it just explains how I came up with the following comparison.

There are some definite parallels to be drawn between finding love and manufacturers who license art online — and I’m just the girl to do it!  Ready?

7 Ways finding Manufacturers To License Your Art is Like Online Dating

  1. Your thoughts wander to ways to find them during the day.
  2. You spend hours online looking for the perfect connection.
  3. You daydream about finding the perfect one,
    and how they will make your life that much better
    (not that it is bad now, it could just be better, right?)
  4. When you find one you are interested in,
    you send an email and then constantly check your email,
    waiting for a response, that sometimes never comes.
  5. When you do get a response, you get so excited at the potential
    you can’t wait to tell someone all about it.
  6. You play the ‘get to know each other’ game and determine if
    this really is a mutually beneficial relationship.
  7. You learn to keep a positive attitude and keep up the search, so
    that you can continue to live the dream!

This is just a little fun, food for thought for now…

~ Tara

P.S. I’m working on an eBook about how to find and work with manufacturers — I’ll continue the whole “dating” analogy as it is making me laugh.  If we can’t laugh — why bother?  Stay tuned…