I am excited to announce that I will be doing a series of teleclasses with Aletta DeWal – the founder of Artist Career Training. Aletta contacted me and asked to share my experience with art licensing and you can bet I said “Sure!”

I decided they would be the best people to explain exactly what they do at ArtistCareerTraining.com* so here is some information from the website:

Self-promotion does not have to be a horrible experience. With a little creativity and clarity, art marketing can be a gratifying experience. Our clients regularly report that they dramatically increase their income, with more time available to create art. Now they enjoy marketing their art as another creative activity!

Artist Career Training can help beginner, emerging, mid-career and seasoned artists who want to:

  • Stop believing myths about what it takes to be an artist.
  • Become clear on where you want to go and how to get there.
  • Adopt the winning success principles of prosperous art, business and career mentors.
  • Market your art without selling out or betting the farm.
  • Establish systems and routines that have been developed for artists who face similar issues.
  • Meet or exceed goals and deadlines consistently.

Artist Career Training offers a full curriculum of programs developed since 1996, teaching artists at all career stages how to make a better living making art with and without gallery representation, in any economy. Learning is exchanged among artists and faculty across time and space by a combination of email, telephone classes, recordings and internet technologies (web site, message boards, on-line discussion groups, desktop computer conferencing).

The first class is on Wednesday, March 10, 2010 at 4:00 p.m. Pacific

Five Things Artists Should Consider Before Deciding to License Your Art

Description:  There are many ways to make money with art, licensing is just one.  “Licensing” means that you chose to give manufacturers the right to put your art on their product in exchange for a royalty.  You maintain the control and copyrights to your designs, and you can license the same art to several manufacturers at the same time.  But how can an artist tell if licensing would be a good fit for their art and for their lifestyle?

$29.95 includes the TeleClass Outline and recording if you can’t make it.
  Click here to save your spot. (affiliate link)

Hope to talk to you on the 10th!

– Tara Reed