Business is like a parade… As you move along, there are people ahead of you in the parade with more wisdom and experience and those behind you, wanting to know what you know.  You can continue marching along and gaining experience and wisdom on your own or you can find ways to move forward a little faster. (I guess it’s almost like cutting in line at Disneyland!)

One way to move forward and learn from those ahead of you in the parade is to take classes.  This is a great way to learn in a group setting, gain insights from the questions of others, etc.

Another way is to hire one of the people ahead of you as a coach.  This is usually a bit more expensive than a class but the value you can receive, if you approach coaching correctly, can be absolutely amazing!  I am very committed to continuing education and have done a mix of classes and coaching over the years.

Yesterday I mentioned preparing for a coaching session today and my neighbor looked at me quizzically?  “What?” she asked.  “But I thought YOU were a coach, why would you hire a coach?  Won’t that make people not want to use you if you don’t know it all?”  So I thought I’d share with you what I discussed with here.

I was able to boil it down 3 reasons why I hired a coach. Maybe my list will help you decide if you are ready for a coach as well.

  1. I want personalized help. I just completed a very intensive class about how to teach by phone. (teleseminars)  I had implemented some of the strategies and was beginning to have some specific, detail oriented questions about how to best implement.
  2. I want to shorten my learning curve and I’m willing to pay to do it. When you are new to something, there is a learning curve.  You can learn in the school of hard knocks, which often takes a lot of time, can cost you money and potentially leave you and your reputation with a few bumps and bruises.  Or, you can learn by talking through your plan with someone who has already “been there, done that!” They can alert you to any speed bumps along the way — and hopefully get you over them without you getting those bumps and bruises.
  3. I saw someone with the level of success I want to attain. I met a coach who I connected with, I related to his story – where he started and where he was now.  I am where he started and want to get where he is now…  So what better person to walk me down the path to success?

Well I need to stop blogging now because I have a coaching session to prepare for.  If I’m spending my hard earned money for help and advice, I am going to be very clear about what I’ve done since the last time we talked, what things I want his input on and the next place I want to get to.

~ Tara

P.S.  If you think you are ready for a coach to help you with your art licensing business, both Paul Brent and I offer hourly or continuous coaching.  Go to for more details.