Yup!  It’s that time of year again… the beginning of a brand new year.  Clean slate.  A time when many people look back at what worked and what could be improved from the last year and look forward to what they want to create and achieve in the coming year.

2011 was pretty life-altering for me in many ways.  I got engaged (and yes – I told many people I would NEVER get married again so the old saying, “Never say never…”? I’m a believer!)  My fiance and I bought a house that we are doing some serious remodeling on.  The college search is in full-swing for my son who will graduate in 2012 – this year!  My brother had twins – big surprise there!  You get the idea…

So now I’m turning my attention forward to 2012 – what do I want to do, be and have in my life in the coming year?  And how will I stay focused longer than the average person who makes a resolution to “get to the gym more” each and every New Year’s Eve?

I will be using The Goal Wheel for Artists to help me stay on track for my business, home renovations, college process and some misc personal wishes.

I know that this goal setting system works – I designed it and I use it.  I took things that worked for me from other goal setting ideas I’ve learned and tried along the way and kept what worked.  It’s not too hard.  It’s easy to feel good about yourself even if you don’t quite hit every milestone you set for yourself during a given month – that’s the key you know, to feel good.

I want you to be successful too – and that’s why I’m offering the eBook and audio replay for $27 – that’s more than half-off!

Watch this quick video then go to www.TheGoalWheelForArtists.com and get all the details – you and your future are worth it!

[youtube lYLz-MdjeRQ]

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed