Today I went to Target to get some plastic storage bins… I just never seem to have enough of these. As I walked by the wine section (yes, you can buy wine in Target in Oregon– how great is that?)  a label caught my eye.  It was so simple it was cute.  Then I read it, “Middle Sister” — what does that have to do with wine, I wondered?  I was intrigued, since I am the middle sister in my family — although the youngest is a boy but still — I’m a sister and I’m in the middle, I wasn’t going to split hairs.

What a cool label.  I wanted to know more.  I turned it over and read:  

“Did you know that birth order is commonly believed to have a profound and lasting effect on psychological development? And that the middle sister has a greater chance of having a special wine named just for her?  (then it describes the wine) Some people are just born lucky. Now give me back my blouse.”

Yes, I bought the wine because I liked the label and I related to the message.  My older sister may have passed it by.  Pretty sure my brother would have too.


When I got in the car I tried to call my sister to tell her about it.  She wasn’t home.  So I called my mom.  Wow–  I don’t know if it’s good yet (the bottle sits next to me, unopened)  yet I’ve called 2 people and am blogging about it.  The girl (I assume) who created this marketing approach knew how to differentiate herself and stand out on a shelf.  I hope the wine is good because I’d love to bring it to every dinner or party I’m invited to.  Maybe I’ll even try the ‘wicked white’ wine.

Have you given much thought to how you brand yourself as an artist?  What makes you different from every other one out there and how do you tell the marketplace?  This is just one topic I will touch on in my first of a series of eBooks about Art Licensing.  If you want to be one of the first to know when it is released, or give me input on what I should cover, visit:

Have a wonderfully creative day!

~ Tara 

P.S. I’ll let you know how the wine is later…