I read a lot of books.  If you follow my blog, you may recall me saying this before.  What can I say?

The books I read fall into a few general categories – books for pleasure (you are SURE to catch me with the new Stephanie Plum novels in my hand each June!), books for inspiration  / personal development and books for business development.

The most recent book I read has me really… really… REALLY excited!  I mean, over the top, WOW, this is great news, I need to tell everyone about this book, excited!

wholenewmindpic“A Whole New Mind.  Why Right-Brainers will Rule the Future” by Daniel Pink.

I first learned about it in the December issue of Oprah Magazine.  On page 238 it begins… “Last spring I read a book I just couldn’t put down:…”  I concur!  I read the article and decided I needed this book, NOW!  No waiting for Amazon to mail it, I had to get to a local bookstore that day. (to read my post about finding books in stock locally, click here)

So why am I so jazzed? Because according to Daniel Pink, the future belongs to me!  (Ok, not just me… but I’m in a good place and so are you!)

Daniel contends that 3 things are changing the face of jobs in the US, UK and Canada and they are:

  1. Abundance (we have a lot of stuff so the way we choose our stuff is changing)
  2. Asia (I think we all know about jobs and power shifting to Asia)
  3. Automation (this whole computer thing – it’s here to stay and changing how everyone works)

My summary of his concept of course — read the book for the full explanation.

In a very reader friendly, easy and entertaining writing style, Daniel (can I call him that?  “Mr. Pink” seems a bit formal) explains why the left-brained (or as he calls them “Left-Directed Thinkers”) have ruled supreme in the last few decades.  The computer programmers, engineers, accountants and attorneys that many parents hoped we’d become.  But with the “Big 3” above, many of those jobs are moving to India, China and the like.

So if those jobs are on the decline, what does he think is on the rise?  (And in this economy, wouldn’t we all love to know?!?)  Here’s the good news for you, fellow creative, artsy type…  US!  We are the right-directed thinkers that will shape the future like never before.  Here’s a quote from the book:

“Left-brain-style thinking used to be the driver and right-brain-style thinking the passenger.  Now, R-Directed Thinking is suddenly grabbing the wheel, stepping o n the gas, and determining where we’re going and how we’ll get there.” (p.27 — one of MANY dog-eared and underlined pages)

What he says MAKES SENSE.

But the key to success, I believe, is being able to use your WHOLE-MIND — hence the main title of the book.  And as I turned the pages, folded corners, underlined passages and became giddy with ideas I had an epiphany… this is what I’m teaching.  Artists are traditionally heavy R-Directed thinkers.  I’m teaching you to use the left side of your brain too, to get you ready for your very bright future.

So again… if you are looking for a fun read that will give you HOPE for the future,  the next book on your nightstand should be, “A Whole New Mind.  Why Right-Brainers will Rule the Future” by Daniel Pink.  I’m just saying…

~ Tara

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