I, myself, paint. I love the flow of the water and the paint on actual paper – holding the paintbrush, drawing the lines.  Sort of old school by some standards but it’s what makes me light up!

Of course, the painting part of my design process is probably about 15%.  Then I scan. Tweak. Toss. Repeat. Ponder. Mock up.  It’s a process!

I have some friends (both online & those I have had the chance to shake actual hands with) that are all digital.  They sketch — that’s as old school as they get.

They INTRIGUE ME! I don’t really understand what they do.  How it all works.  I’m sure there is some way I can use these skills to expand my marketability, speed, work flow… something!

So drum roll please… I’m SO EXCITED to tell you that my friend (who I of course met on Twitter first!) has just opened up “Digital Illustration School”!  He promises to teach us everything and I can guarantee if you like to laugh while you learn you will — he’s funny!  (If he didn’t have a sense of humor could he put “not for household pets” on the website?  I think not!)

I’m going to check it out… if you want to too, he told me to tell you to email him and say “Tara sent me” — then you get a magical 25% off.  Every 25% helps these days but if you want to pay full price and save an email, I’m sure that will work too.

Here’s the link… so leave this blog and see what you think!



– Tara