Some things just bear repeating… like patterns for fabric, gift wrap, home décor and more.  Also great feedback about my eBooks – Basic Repeat Patterns and Half-Drop Repeat Patterns.  I just got this feedback last week and Kathleen gave me permission to shout it from the roof tops!

“I can’t believe how easy your “repeat” instructions are.  I can’t thank you enough.  I’m already very proficient in PhotoShop so got it right away.  I had previously purchased a $600+ program that was SO daunting and intimidating I never got thru it!!  ARG!  And yes, I’m doing 1/2 and 1/3 drops, etc!!”

Again, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

– Kathleen Francour,

I still vividly remember the calls back and forth between Oregon and Kentucky when I was trying to put purses into repeat for my very first wrapping paper license. I was so excited and so stressed out at the same time! I wanted to make working with me easy – not a test of the poor woman’s patience as we both scratched our heads wondering why what she was telling me to do worked one time and not another.

After finding bits and pieces in a variety of books about Photoshop – where I had to wade through tons of information I didn’t need – I still ended up hiring someone to come sit at my computer, watch what I was doing and tell me how to make it behave!

Since repeat patterns are used on all sorts of licensed products, I decided to create this series of 2 eBooks to help other artists significantly decrease their learning curve.

Jill Seale, who has done 2 Ask calls with us, has also given feedback on the eBooks…

JillSeale“Tara’s tutorial on fabric repeats unlocked the mystery for me! It’s easy to get through and is presented in a very friendly manner. In addition to the great repeat information, I picked up some excellent Photoshop tips that simplified things I’ve been doing the long hard way all these years, which was an unexpected bonus!”

– Jill Seale, Artist, Author, Licensor  |