Last year I stumbled upon a booth at the Book Expo America in Los Angeles — I think what caught my eye was the eye-catching graphics and title “Be The Media” jumping out at me as I walked.  I thought, well I want to be the media — what is this about?  bethemedia-pic

I stopped and had a conversation with someone (was it David? I don’t recall) and they told me all about the book coming out — it would teach me how to get media coverage — from print, to online, to tv and more… on my own.  COOL!  I wanted the book YESTERDAY!

I had the pleasure of meeting David in San Francisco, which only got me that much more excited.  The man knows what he’s doing.  I was impressed!

Well I’ve had to put on my patience hat and wait… but my wait is almost over, the book will ship at the end of the month.  Read on and learn more about what is included and see if you will be on the edge of your seat with me, waiting to hold this book in the palm of your hand!

~ Tara

Have you ever wondered why some artists and businesspeople make a fortune, while others struggle financially?

Would you like to learn how to boost your business, spread your message to more people, and earn a lot more money based on your expertise, products, or services – without a lot of work or expense?

picture-14Well, I have great news. Here’s a book that tells you how to market yourself like a media pro:
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Renowned author and media consultant David Mathison has brought together over fifty media experts, educators, and activists in his new book, BE THE MEDIA.

The contributors are a who’s who in media-related fields – from insanely famous best-sellers, to internet marketers quietly generating high six and seven-figure annual incomes without appearing on Oprah or hitting the best seller lists.
Everyone is included: from Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly, to Janet Switzer, Alex Mandossian, Bob Baker, and craigslist’s Craig Newmark.

“Loaded with practical advice, this book is a must-read.”
– Phil Donahue, former TV talk show host

The 500+ page book reveals the latest and greatest ways to market and sell your books, music, films, information products and services. In one single volume, BE THE MEDIA includes 23 chapters on all conceivable media fields. Every aspect of media is covered, with details, resources, and suggestions you simply won’t find anywhere else.
This book has something for everyone: From the 1.2 million self-employed people to small business owners, from authors to filmmakers, rock bands to bloggers, talk show hosts to podcasters. You’ll find everything you need to go from concept to consumer, from inspiration to inbox with your message or products.
In other words, it’s a terrific handbook for promoting your business, your cause, or your products with the same level of professionalism a publicist might employ.

“BE THE MEDIA is the best overall resource to help you build out your platform.”
– Rick Frishman: Publicist. Publisher, Morgan James Publishing

In BE THE MEDIA, you will learn how to:

·         Self-publish your book, music, film, podcast, or blog, leverage internet syndication, learn licensing, how to create radio and television shows, and promote on social networks

·         Control your future by developing multiple streams of income from diversified sources

·         Earn income while you sleep, vacation, or work your full-time job

·         Apply techniques on a part or full-time basis, from your home, office, or hotel room

·         Deploy surprisingly easy strategies to get massive publicity and tons of media exposure

·         Discover simple things you can immediately do to dramatically increase the profit you make from your products and services

“BE THE MEDIA reveals the secrets.”
Dan Poynter: Publisher, The Self-Publishing Manual

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Mathison’s free classes will teach you how to build your list, market, and promote using:
1.      Social Media: Learn how Mathison pre-sold 5,000+ books on Twitter, was offered a Board position on a major social network for entrepreneurs using LinkedIn, and secured a slot on the radio dial with a major network through Facebook ($300 value)

2.      List Building: How you can build your list and earn more money ($300 value)

3.      Syndication: How to increase your reach, diversify revenue streams ($300 value)

But wait. There is even more!

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·         Warren Whitlock: Self-promotion secrets of the super successful ($47 value)

·         Joan Stewart: How to be an expert spokesperson the media love ($39.95 value)

·         Bob Baker: Indie Music Marketing Secrets ($27 value)

·         Susan Harrow: Get top TV producers to book you ($19.95 value)

· Moves you to the front of the line for media coverage (free)

You have to check these gifts out – you will be amazed!

All told, BE THE MEDIA and the free Blockbuster Media Success package gives you access to over 150 media experts and $10,000 in gifts and tips.

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You will be glad you did!


Tara & Your friends at BE THE MEDIA

PS: David is so confident that you will be satisfied with BE THE MEDIA that he is offering a 60-day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE of the $34.95 purchase price. So, you have NOTHING TO LOSE!

PSS: Consider buying a few copies for family members, friends, colleagues, schools, educators, students, libraries, journalists, community leaders, and policymakers. It is already being used as a primary textbook for media production, media literacy, and media education courses in major schools. Donate a copy, or forward this note on to your friends.

They’ll LOVE you for it!