When you think of the word Enchanting, who or what do you think of? Someone you met at a party that was just so interesting, sincere and … well… enchanting? Perhaps you’ve dated or even married someone enchanting.  Bought a house from an enchanter? Car from an enchantress?

In Guy Kawasaki’s new book – shipping on March 8 – he will teach you about Enchantment – The Art of Changing hearts, Minds, and Actions.

I was fortunate enough to get an advance copy of the book and have had the pleasure of reading it over the past few days.  Guy Kawasaki is the former chief evangelist of Apple and author of other books I’ve read including Reality Check and The Macintosh Way.

Kawasaki says that enchantment isn’t about learning to manipulate people to get your way, but rather to transform situation and relationships.

When I first looked at the table of contents I will admit I wasn’t sure this book was for me – or us – since it seemed like it might speak more to larger companies than solo-preneurs.  There are a few sections I skimmed because that was the case but if you dismiss this book on that basis, you are missing some great material!

Guy talks about core values and actions that enchanting people have in common – things like being likeable, trustworthy and transparent – as well as how to achieve those things.  How to overcome resistance to ideas, use technology and become an all around enchanting person.  You will learn effective marketing strategies, negotiating strategies, presentation strategies and more.  All in easy-to-consume bite size pieces – easy to read and entertaining.

As I sat down to write this post I grabbed the book and looked at the pages – I’m a person who folds down pages I want to go back to and wow were a lot of pages turned down!  This book is much, much more than how to get people to like you.  It’s how to get them to like you, become enchanted by you and how to use that for the benefit of all – your business, your life and for the benefit of each person you are enchanting.

I highly recommend you look at this book and add it to your business bookshelf.

In the spirit of full disclosure – which is highly recommended in this book and something I always do for you – if you click on the links in this blog post I will earn a commission if you make a purchase.  LEARN MORE ABOUT ENCHANTMENT OF AMAZON.COM If you don’t want me to make some change on your purchase, go directly to Amazon or your favorite retailer and search for it.  Hopefully you will be fine with it and know that your clicks are appreciated and help me keep all the free info coming!

Here’s to your creative – and enchanting – success!

– Tara Reed