I’m not talking the ‘butt’ you sit on when you work, eat or watch TV… I’m talking about a much more dangerous “BUT” that lives in your mind and can stop you dead in your tracks.

We all have them… one of the “But“s I’ve been battling sounds like this:

“I know I need to exercise more BUT where will I find the time? I’m so busy with work, my son and my house.”  This BUT has left me with less energy and weaker muscles.

Or does this sound familiar?  “I really should have a date night with my spouse BUT we are so stretched with all the kids activities that we just don’t have time.”  This BUT can cause trouble in a marriage.

Of course this blog is about your art business so let’s take a look at some of the dangerous BUTs lurking in the mind of an artist.  Here are some things I’ve heard…

I could have a successful business…

  • BUT I don’t have a brother who is a marketing wiz.
  • BUT I have 3 kids and don’t have enough time to create.
  • BUT you have to have connections to succeed.
  • BUT my husband/wife doesn’t support what I’m doing.
  • BUT the economy is so bad no one is paying artists what they are worth.
  • BUT my agent isn’t working hard enough.
  • BUT I don’t have an agent.

Get the idea?  Well… you have a choice to make.

  1. Sit on your Butt attached to your “BUT”s and you will continue to get the results you are getting, or
  2. Change your results by changing your actions and find a way around your “BUT”s once and for all!

Don’t have a spouse or relative who is a marketing wiz? Learn it, hire someone or find an agent.

Have a busy life – full of kids, dogs, friends, whatever? Decide if building a business is really important to you — where there’s a will, there’s a way.  Block out time and stay committed.  A little action every day will get you closer to your dream than making excuses.

Think you have to be born with connections to succeed? Nope.  Not true.  You can make connections if you have a phone, a computer or two feet to walk around trade shows to talk to people.  It might help your confidence to have a few connections before you begin but it isn’t necessary.

Do you believe the economy is stopping everything? Go to a store, you will see people and they will be buying things.  Maybe not as much as some other years, but all is not lost.  A bad economy just means you have to be that much more creative to survive.  Think outside the box.  But I guarantee you — if you just listen to the news you will soon believe the world is about to implode and everyone will die of starvation.  Times are tougher but they aren’t over.

All of your feelings are valid, because you are feeling them.  BUT… are you going to let them stop you?  I hope not.  Look at what you are telling yourself and see if you can’t find a way around it.  I have complete faith that you can — do you?

~ Here’s to your bright and creative future!


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