Today my friend and colleague, Marty Fahncke, will be testing the power of networking and connections. We hope the “6 degrees to Kevin Bacon” theory works in our favor but instead of reaching Kevin Bacon, we are looking to find a television producer that is interested in a reality tv concept that we have been working on for the past few months.  (However, if Kevin Bacon is in the production game, feel free to call!)

As you may have guessed from my many reality tv related blog posts and video spoofs in the past, I like to watch reality tv.  One day I was sitting sketching and watching something and a light bulb went off in my head:  No one is doing a show about how to make money online.

So I picked up the phone and called Marty Fahncke – we are in a mastermind together and he has experience in the infomercial world – and told him my crazy idea.  He thought it wasn’t so crazy and we’ve been working on it ever since.  We are calling it “The Money Tree”.


Who hasn’t looked out their window and wished to find a money tree?   While The Money Tree team doesn’t provide magic seeds, they do help people across America who need it most.  The stories will tug at your heartstrings, but by the end of each episode, you will be exhilarated as Marty, Tara and their team of experts help restore hope to those who thought all was lost.

Each week The Money Tree team helps someone who desperately needs to find a way to earn income from home:  the soldier who has returned from the Middle East with injuries and needs to supplement disability income or the single mother of five who hasn’t gotten a raise in 2 years and is at risk of losing her home.  Each submission video is more compelling than the next:  stories of regular people trying to overcome challenges and make ends meet.

Marty and Tara jet in to the rescue – armed with multiple ways to make money online.  Part therapist, part investigative reporter, part problem solver, part business trainer – they learn about each family they work with and create an individualized blueprint for success.  Tears will be shed, broken dreams mended and foundations laid for a brighter future the participants couldn’t have imagined just a week earlier.  They are fighting for their financial life, and if they use what The Money Tree team teaches, they are sure to win.


Here is a video we produced (I’ll have to blog about this amazing experience later!) to show what they show is all about.  It is meant to be a sales piece to get interest in the show and not an episode that you would see on tv.

[vimeo 21537845]

We have a website all set up for anyone in the television biz to learn more about the concept and to contact us to discuss.

There are also two submission pages – one for online experts who want to be a part of the show and one for people who want The Money Tree team to come help them.

SO DEAR BLOG READERS, my question to you is, WHO DO YOU KNOW?

We would so appreciate you telling anyone who might have any connections to production companies or television networks.

Send anyone and everyone to – you just never know which connection with be the golden ticket!  I think it’s appropriate to close this post with a quote from Pablo Picasso – “I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”

Here’s to the power of networking – thank you in advance for your help and well wishes for this project!  From your friend who feels like she’s way out on a limb… 🙂

– Tara Reed

P.S. Here’s a photo from the filming of the end footage – it was an amazing experience and quite outside of my comfort zone!