I was thinking about toast the other day… you know, when you put bread in the slot, push down the button and a few minutes later, up pops your toast.  WHY? was I thinking about toast, you ask? Let me explain…

A few weeks ago I was talking with a couple: one was an artist the other was a creative business person, but not a ‘paint a picture’ kind of artist.  She made a comment that to the guy and I, creating art was equivalent to her making toast. Easy. Like breathing. It just ‘popped’ out of us.

Picture 1I laughed and told her that my toaster and I often didn’t get along too well – my toast was hard to get ‘just right’ – sort of like art sometimes. I’m like “Goldilocks and the toaster”. 🙂

That conversation keeps circling back in my head.  It is a great analogy so I got to thinking – what type of art or creative process is like making toast?

What part of my business is like making toast? What just flows?

Maybe even more importantly, what art or business function isn’t like making toast. What is hard? What brings you down? Makes you procrastinate?  Makes cleaning toilets look like a fun thing to do?

THOSE are the things I want you to consider outsourcing.  If you stick to your “making toast” activities and find people who consider “worse than cleaning toilet” activities to be “making toast” activities… your life will be a happier place!  You will get more done, have more fun and enjoy the ride.

I’ll go make my “Making Toast Activity” / “Worse Than Cleaning Toilets Activity” list and you make yours.  Let’s compare notes later, OK?

Just a little food for thought…

– Tara