First of all… did you know we HAVE a calendar? I thought I’d mention it since I sometimes receive frantic emails from people thinking they are missing an “Ask Call” when in fact, they are up to 2 months early. (True story!)

So… here is what it looks like:

picture-4and here is where you can always find it:

I keep it up to date with Ask Calls, misc. teleseminars… oh, and if you want to be jealous and see when I’m taking my son to Hawaii, go look at August.

There is a link from the website under “resources” if you are ever looking for it as well.

Now that we’ve discussed having a calendar, here are two exciting things to know about.

paultaraphotoOur second “Ask Paul Brent” call is coming up. Wednesday, June 24 – 5:30 pm PST / 8:30 pm EST (and yes Paul, 7:30 pm CST – he likes me to mention his time zone too.)   We have gotten some good questions — if you have any to throw into the pot, we’ll be taking new questions until about June 18th, then we’ll get organized.  We will be able to cover 10-12 in the hour and I’m sure it will be another good call.  Head to

cherylhodgsonI’m excited to announce another special guest for July too! Attorney Cheryl Hodgson has worked in intellectual property and with licensed artists.  She will be sharing her knowledge of contracts, copyrights, trademarks, branding… you ask, we’ll pick the most common questions.  I met Cheryl at the CHA show and immediately loved her energy – I think you will too.  We are starting with the call and if all goes well, an eBook just might follow.  So let us know your most burning legal questions!  This call will be on Wednesday, July 15th, same times. Go to

If you want to learn more about Cheryl and all the services she offers, go to

That’s all for now… have a great day!

– Tara