This morning I was talking with my mastermind group and discussing how I need to find ways to outsource some of my work so I can continue to grow my business and still have a life.  I know this is an issue facing many artists, as we have talked about it, emailed about it, belabored about it… but rest assured this is a challenge that faces people in all walks of life, not just artists!

So I tweeted a link to a Tazmanian Devil clip and said, “this is why I need help!”  Although he busts through anything that stands in his way (visualize the trees, boulders and mountains as obstacles in your business) he is spinning in circles and doesn’t really seem to have much of a plan!  I don’t want to be the proverbial “bull in a China shop” but aspire to flow with more focus, direction and harmony.

[youtube as3JMPx4FIU nolink]

So I got to thinking… maybe the Road Runner is a better analogy. He seems happy (I love what I do!) is always moving at top speed (if he owned a business he’d be implementing great ideas quickly – as I like to do) and moves in a straight line (better than circles – let’s just hope he knows where he wants to go.)

So what does Wil. E. Coyote represent? In this scenario, he represents the Road Runner’s fears – the perceived challenges, obstacles and things that hold him back.  By the end of the clip when the Coyote finally catches the Road Runner, he is too small to eat him.  The Road Runner finally realized that it’s ok to stop running, that what he fears most only has the power he gives those fears and that in reality, he’s in charge.

[youtube 8ZWI-1xtO7M nolink]

My point? Don’t spin in circles without a plan.  Don’t let your fears, worries and concerns make you believe you have to work at hyper-speed at all times.  Become the big, empowered Road Runner and know that you can chart a course and do whatever you want with your life and business.  You are in charge!

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara

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