Another thing I do towards the beginning of each year is review my business library and decide what areas I want to learn more in the coming year.  Do I want to take a painting class or learn more about money management? Am I in need of personal growth motivation or some new website skills?

I have a library of books – both physical and digital – that I have learned from and that I turn to to build my business.  Do you?

Obviously, if you want to learn about art licensing, I highly recommend any of the eBooks I have written or have co-authored or that I promote through (there is a list just to the right in the “Learn About…” box – see it?)

In addition, here is a list of books I highly recommend any artist have or have read. (You can always find these on the RESOURCES page which I update from time to time – have you ever checked it out?)  Many of these are affiliate links so if you learn about them here, click and buy, I earn a few cents to a few dollars that helps me make time to keep on blogging. (therefore – clicks are greatly appreciated.)

Regardless – it is important to not only have the art skills but the business and personal skills to truly be happy and successful in your life.

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

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