To boil water, you have to get the temperature to 212 degrees… period. End of story. No water boils and 100, 150 or 200… you have to get to 212. But does everyone use the same method to get there? Nope!

One person might put water in a metal bowl, on top of their car in the desert sun assuming it will boil in no time it’s so blasted hot. (I’d probably try that!)

Another will use the microwave.  Some won’t go near microwaves because it changes the molecular structure of things too much.

In this video clip, I use the analogy of a traditional tea kettle placed on a stove top and an electric kettle that plugs into the wall. No molecular difference in the water – both methods will make the water boil.

The difference is HOW LONG IT TAKES.

The tea kettle took 7 minutes to boil my water.  Electric Kettle? Just under 3.

So the question I pose is this: Are you building your business with a traditional tea kettle or an electric tea kettle?

Both will get you where you want to go, but one takes twice as long.

The “Traditional Tea Kettle” route is to learn what you can and go it alone. Trial and error, you doing all the work, analyzing and strategizing.

The “Electric Kettle” method of speeding up the process involves consulting a coach.  Someone who has already been where you are and has experience to guide you and make sure you are going in the right direction.  Someone to give you feedback and suggestions. You might just check in with a coach once, or every few months.  Others choose to work with a coach on an ongoing basis.

If you want to jump-start your business or consult an artist in the industry to see what they think of your plan, consider our coaching services.  Paul Brent and Jill Seale and I (Tara Reed) all currently offer hourly and 6 hour coaching services.  We each have a different background and experience in the industry.  We have different personalities. (Although we believe we are all delightful!)

To learn more about each coach’s background and rates, visit

[youtube BoU1ro-BqEY]

Here’s to your creative success – however you choose to build it!

– Tara Reed

P.S.I have to say I need to get some lights!  Please excuse the poor lighting in my kitchen – we did our best to avoid the light from the windows but it’s still a bit dim… after several tries we went with the “done is better than perfect” philosophy – oh, and the fact that Craig said his arm was going to want overtime if I made him hold the camera any longer!