It would take stacking 14,520 of them to be as tall as the Space Needle.  

I thought this was an interesting tid-bit of information the elevator operator handed out on our 42 sec ride to the top.  (Just took a 2 day trip with my son–lots of fun!)  I found it so interesting in fact, that on the way down I asked him for the number again and wrote it down.  Apparently I’m a trivia fan.  

Of course it got me to thinking, WHY did I find it interesting?  I bet he told me how tall it was in feet as well but I can’t remember that.  I think it was because he made a comparison of 2 very unrelated and unexpected things.  

Comparing unexpected things is a great attention grabber — verbally, in writing or in visuals.  Think about the old show “The Odd Couple” — those 2 were such an unlikely pair of friends, let alone roommates, that people watched to see what craziness would ensue.

I think we could use this in our marketing.  What are you working on that you could make an unexpected comparison to when presenting the idea to a potential licensee?  Or maybe you incorporate something like it in your art.  I’m going to give it more thought… let me know if you come up with anything, OK?

Have a creative day!