picture-13Absolutely nothing! Nada! Zip! Zilch!

HOWEVER… I discovered an eBook that gave me a better understanding of how to sell in galleries, through exhibitions, making your own art prints and more. The Complete Artist’s Success Guidebook. I was thrilled to read the book and even happier to become an affiliate.

Richard Robinson has put together a great resource at an amazing price — for only $37 you can’t go wrong with the information and insights in his book.  (I think he should charge more but since I want you to get a good deal – I won’t push him on the issue.)

From Personal to Business development, Richard offers great ideas and resources.  His background as a graphic designer shines through when he gives advice about creating a website.  And if you really want to know, he tells you “How to Never Succeed as an Artist” at the end.   I’m going to skip that and take the fork in the road to “Success” thank you very much!

Enough of my chatter… if you want to see if these strategies would work for you and your art, click here.

Have a creative day and keep an open mind… who knows how many ways you can make a living with your art!  Here’s to your continued success…

~ Tara