In the Ask Call with Paul Brent, he talked about trends.  One trend that has been going strong for a few years is the OWL.  According to Paul and also some rumblings I’ve been hearing from retailers via licensees, the Owl trend may be on the decline.

Artist Kate Pitner sent me a link to this very interesting article from the LA Times about the owl in American Culture over the years.  When you go to the article, be sure to click on the blue lines on the timeline to see all the info – I was a little confused about that at first.  (It’s early – what can I say!)

On the 2012 slide, we may find the reason owls will be on the decline :

Justin Bieber re­veals a new owl tat­too on his left arm. Quips Jen­kins of Trend­Pulse: “Owls are now def­in­itely over.”

So, did poor Justin Bieber kill the owl trend?  Only time will tell…

Hop on over and check out the whole article >>

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

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Justin Bieber sports his owl tatoo