uFaker.comThrough the Thriving Artist Summit, I recently learned about a website that helps track and call out counterfeit products through a type of “crowd policing” where people can earn rewards for posting counterfeits and therefore help brands maintain control and go after counterfeiters.  It’s called uFaker.

Here is how they describe themselves:

uFaker is THE 21st century ANTI-counterfeiting solution designed to mobilize an army of Brand Hunters (consumers, licensees, investigators, law enforcement) to help fight this global problem. uFaker is an easy to use web, mobile and social platform for identifying, reporting and combatting counterfeits. It provides trademark owners a real-time system for sharing and tracking counterfeit activity among its team of lawyers, investigators, licensees and law enforcement. And best of all, uFaker provides valuable rewards to all of our hunters as a measure of appreciation. Spot it, Report it, Earn Rewards!

You can learn more at www.uFaker.com

I haven’t dug in deep to see what it’s about but thought I’d share it with the group. 🙂  Sad that we need things like this but as we all know, it’s a fact of life.  From people selling fake Kate Spade handbags on the streets of New York to Chinese factories telling US manufacturers that a licensed design is a stock design and causing issues for the manufacturers who import the products… it’s a problem.

Thanks Bonnie Glendinning of ArtMuse.com and the Thriving Artist Summit for letting us know about this!

Here’s to your creative – and hopefully not knocked off – success!

– Tara Reed