How cool is that? Many people who don’t get or don’t like twitter love to use the excuse, “I just don’t care what you had for breakfast.”  (I’ll blog more about that later!)  They might also say they don’t care what I watch on TV on Sunday night…

But guess what? My tweeting about it led to a blog reader (Susan E) who happens to work at KATU in Portland to email me and ask if I’d like a Brothers & Sisters poster. Well sure!  Why not!

Susan was also nice enough to give me, my son & my BF Craig a personal tour of the tv station.  I’ve never seen a tv station the way I saw it with Susan!  What a great learning opportunity for my 16 year old as well – who decided that none of the jobs he saw looked like good possibilities for his future – so maybe we are narrowing in on a career… or at least checking a few possiblities off the list!

My point in two-fold:

1. You don’t have to Twitter if you don’t like it but you just never know where a random comment could get you! and

2. THANK YOU SUSAN!  You were a wonderful tour guide and the gesture was much appreciated.

NOW… where am I going to put my poster????

– Tara Reed

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