Oh yeah!  This is a badge of honor if ever I created one myself.  Let me explain…

I’m a bit chatty… I was never the girl to get in trouble for talking in class, oh no!  I was a very well-behaved student. This is the first time that I can remember getting “in trouble” – we’ll call it “Twitter Trouble” for ‘talking’.

It was “The Big Call” with Alex Mandossian and the pre-kick-off party of sorts for the 2009-2010 Teleseminar Secrets season.  Last year was the first time I took the class and it has changed my business.  (go to TaraRecommendsAlex.com here for those details)

What was so cool was that not only did I learn all these amazing skills for my business, but I could interact and ‘meet’ other students on Twitter as long as I used the #tss hash tag. (That’s how I could find them.)

Well on December 3rd, I was having a great time talking to everyone!  Such a great time apparently, that I was told I was shut down for “Excessive Tweeting” and to “check back in a few hours”.  HUH? Sounds like social discrimination!  Just because I’m a fast tweeter with a circle of friends I’m done!

At first, it was quite stressful.  But I had an alternate account – as @MarianSparks said, “no one puts baby in a corner!” and Twitter can try and put me in time out but it wasn’t going to stick! 🙂

Now I’m so enjoying sharing the story!  I’m beaming with pride!  This is fabulous!  I think one other person got put in time out too – I’ll have to confirm that with @NewThoughts.

I decided to make a badge, start a club and revel in my ability to out-tweet Twitter. (the rule, it seems, is no more than 150 tweets an hour…)

Feel free to DM me on Twitter if you ever get put in “Twitter Time Out” – you can put the badge on your website or blog and if you ask nice, I’ll send you a button. I’ll also put you on the list of club members.

Here’s to connecting and turning lemons into lemonade! (The lemon being “Twitter Time Out” and lemonade being my “club”)


[youtube HZFoyKtoO2A nolink]


@ArtistTaraReed (founding member)

And here’s a video of my dad’s reaction to my mischief…

[youtube iqVvAUDiBa8 nolink]