You might think that is a bad thing but I’m here to tell you – I’m so proud!  One of my goals with my introductory information – be it the Beginner Basics Teleseminar or How to Get Started in Art Licensing eBook or any of the interviews I do with others – is to polarize people.

When you are trying to make a living as an artists, being neutral or unsure about many paths is a dangerous place to be.

To sit and say, “Well… I could do kids books.  Or I could create things and sell them on Etsy.  Maybe I’ll do website design.  Why don’t I license my work.  Hey – here’s an art gallery – I should try that.”  This type of artist will more than likely be confused and going in too many directions to get anything done well or make any significant progress.

Many artists like the concept of art licensing – they like the idea of being paid by multiple people for the same art collection.  They like that they can get paid over a period of time and share in the success (or less than stellar success) of the product without have to do the production, marketing, etc.  If they are left to focus on that, with little or no information about what it takes on a daily basis and from a creative standpoint to get the deals and licenses in the first place, they could waste a lot of time.

That’s where my mission comes in and I’ve had it from day 1:  give some real world examples of what it takes so artists will know right away if it isn’t going to be a fit or if licensing deserves more time to investigate.

Some will still think it’s a fit even if it turns out to not be.  (Those are the artists who then complain about the type of art manufacturers are looking for and want to educate the masses as to what “real art” is … good luck!)  Others won’t be turned off – they may say, “hmmm….  this is interesting, tell me more.”  And some will get so excited and just KNOW art licensing is for them.

I was on Twitter last week and got a message from an artist – thanking me for helping her realize art licensing isn’t for her, just by listening to one blog talk radio interview.  I was so excited!  (She has given me permission to share the tweets…)

SO… if you are new to art licensing, here are a few ways to find out if you feel like @artsong does, or if you want to hang around and learn more.

INTERVIEWS:  I’ve done a number of interviews with others in the art field, find free replays at

BEGINNER BASICS TELESEMINAR: 45 minute replay of a teleseminar I did that goes into the nitty gritty of what working in art licensing is like.

HOW TO GET STARTED IN ART LICENSING eBook: you can get the first chapter for free at

Here’s to your creative success – in whatever area that may be!

–Tara Reed

P.S.  Find my new Twitter buddy on twitter – or on her wesite, – thanks again for letting me share!