I was just getting into licensing when I got divorced.  I changed my business name back to my maiden name immediately.  (My legal name a year later)  Before that, I hadn’t given much thought to the actress, Tara Reid, who became so famous in the American Pie Movies and for her… umm… red carpet dress slip.  (That happened to be the year I changed my name — timing, right?)

Well I’ve given her a lot of thought since then… pretty much daily.  I am constantly getting comments about my name.  Last year I met an artist at Surtex (sorry!  Can’t remember who!) — her husband had looked through the exhibitors and told her to see if I and the actress were one in the same.  Over the years this has amused or irritated me, depending on the day and circumstances.

Today I decided to embrace it and see if I couldn’t use it for a little marketing.  I posted a ‘rant’ on YouTube.  (See the video below)  At the end, I say, “hey, if you are or know an artist who might want to get into licensing, here’s the site to visit.”  Maybe having the name and complaining about it, will create some awareness about what I am doing.


Lemon: the name and constant comments

Lemonade: use it to drive web traffic

We’ll see if it works!

Have a creative day   ~Tara

P.S. — What kind of lemons do you have that you could turn to lemonade?