I just love it when worlds collide!  Remember back when Paul Brent’s art was going to be on a yacht in an episode of Hawaii 5-0?  Totally cool!

Well now one of our industry’s art licensing agents will be in the new drama NASHVILLE!  Sam Abell, the President and CEO of Courtney Davis apparently thinks he has time on his hands because he will be in the show as a “staffer” to mayoral candidate Coleman Carlisle.  Carlisle is a veteran of Nashville politics and is running against Teddy Conrad, the silver spooned candidate that is married to Rayna Jaymes the reigning queen of country music!

Sam makes debut is in episode 4 – at this point he’s cast as a pretty face (well, he might prefer handsome) and doesn’t have a speaking part.  Who knows – that might change!

When I asked him about the experience, this is what Sam Abell told me:

The show is full of drama, relationship cheating, cut throat politics…and great music of course. All key ingredients for a successful new show debut!
All the reviews so far put it at the top of the list of new shows for the Fall. Let’s hope this holds true.

The experience of being a part of the production sheds a new light of what all is involved in bringing any show to television. The time, dedication and VERY LONG days are just a few things that are never seen. 14-16 hour days are not uncommon. And yes, I have more than a full time job as you know!
Tune in on Wednesday night and get hooked on a very interesting story line and plot and will make you come back week after week!!

So set your TiVo, program that DVR, get it on your Hopper or have your buns on the couch at 10 pm / 9 pm central.  Nashville premiers tonight on ABC.

I can’t wait to look for one of our own in episode 4 and beyond – go Sam! (Facebook rumors have it his wife has asked him not to quit his day job which will make the artists at Courtney Davis breathe a sigh of relief!)

Here’s a trailer so you know what you are in for…

[youtube mB9WHtAv7ts]


Here’s to your creative success – and Sam Abell’s tv debut!

– Tara Reed