I’m often asked how to spot trends.  Trends are all around us – the key is to learn to spot them when they are just starting and not when they are already big and about to jump the proverbial shark.  There is no tried and true way to be sure that something is a trend – but you can develop habits of noticing things.  If you start to see things multiple times – for example, all of the sudden you notice butterflies on clothing then butterflies on home decor – you can take an educated guess that butterfiles are trending.

Here’s a silly video about trend spotting that I was inspired to create today because a few of my friends called me from an event in New Jersey and I felt like the grounded kid missing the slumber party.  We were joking on Facebook and Twitter about NJ – and I asked if I needed to wear a Bump-It to join the fun.  (Not that I could since I was sitting in my studio in Oregon!)  Then inspiration hit – my friend Angela and I headed to the store to pick up a Bump-It and the rest is crazy accent history. (Please forgive my slipping into a southern accent at the very end… oops!)

I hope this amuses and inspires you – I’m putting myself out there with this one! 🙂  @FawnKey, @KimBeasley, @KellyRudolph, @KellieFrazier, @AlexMandossian and the rest of my teleseminar secrets friends in New Jersey – this one’s for you!

[youtube _XtzSngtGp0]

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed