SO… did you enter Lilla Rogers’ Global Talent Search?  Those who did have been anxiously awaiting this day – August 1st – the day the Top 50 will be revealed on Lilla’s blog!

I have to say I have throughly enjoyed watching this process unfold.  They have done a great job not only creating anticipation but also giving artists an idea of what

Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search

the process of art licensing or creating art to parameters is like.  I imagine some loved the challenge and others found it a little more challenging than they expected.  I know I’ve read a lot online about artists wanting to win the big prize – being represented by Lilla Rogers Studios – but also proud that they went through the process and happy with what they have learned.

A friend forwarded a link to Julie Hamilton’s blog – Artistically Afflicted – post about the contest.

Julie has written two posts about the search –

Inspired by the global search for talent-part 1

& Inspired by the global search for talent-part 2

I loved reading her insights and perspectives and especially loved a sneak-peek at some of the entries. (To enter you had to create a journal cover and it had certain elements that were to be included – the variety of entries and creativity is awesome!  I must admit I’m glad I’m not a judge and don’t have to decide who makes the top 50.

Did you enter?  If so, let us know how you felt about the process and of course – if you made it into the top 50!

To me this is not only a great learning experience for artists but also, on the part of Lilla Rogers Studios, a pretty cool and unique way to teach, inspire and find their next artist.  I keep saying “It’s like American Idol for art!”

Head to Lilla’s blog to see the top 50 >>

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

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