… and why I’m rather sad about it right now.

Atlanta is home to the AmericasMart buildings – three towering, 14-20+ story buildings connected by tunnels, elevators and escalators in the heart of downtown.  Twice a year they have the big “Gift Shows” where many manufacturers who license art are opening the doors to their showrooms and selling their (our!) wares.

The biggest show is in January and I have attended that show every year for the past 4 years… I think.  Maybe 5, I’m beginning to lose track.  I went in July once… it was SO HOT I thought I’d melt!  Guess that’s why they call it “Hot-lanta” in the summer.

So here are 3 reasons I’m not there right now, as I type:

  1. I’m trying to be fiscally responsible. There are so many shows that an artist could attend or exhibit at to make connections that you’d have to make 6 figures to have 6 figures to ‘move about the country’.  Since we are in business to make and keep some of our money, it is important to balance and analyze how any money is being spent.  I have decided that going to the show once a year is fine.  (Don’t forget – I live in Oregon so it is quite a trek for me.  I’d make a different decision if the flight was 2 hours and $100…)
  2. I need to get some art done. I’ve been on the move a lot this year and spring is always busy – so again, if I go to every show, when do I get the art done?
  3. It’s just too darn hot in Atlanta in July.  That’s a true reason why I don’t want to go… I just can’t stand the heat so I’ll stay out of the south in the summer if at all possible. 🙂

So why am I sad – you ask? Because even though there are valid fiscal reasons for me to be in my studio, I still hate to miss things!  Artists have asked if I was coming, so I’m missing some fun.  A few manufacturers asked if I would be there so I’m missing some face-to-face interaction.  And look at this photo!  I’m missing seeing a wall of my shoe art at the entrance to the Thirstystone showroom – how cool looking is that!  I wish I had space in my studio to re-create it – it’s pretty sweet.  And my studio is red so it would work perfectly… but alas, I don’t have that much open wall space so I’ll enjoy this photo for now.

atlanta-thirstystoneIf you are at the show – I hope you are making great connections, ‘visiting’ your licensed art and having some fun as well! Perhaps I’ll see you in the many maze-like halls in January…

Here’s to our creative (and fiscally responsible) success!

– Tara