While I was in New York last week, I worked and also did some “touristy” stuff that I never have time for when I’m there for the Surtex Show.  While riding the boat back from The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, I saw the craziest thing!  A sailboat with Obama & Biden on the sail… No Wait!  It turned and there was McCain & Palin.  What on earth was going on?

Everyone was talking about it and taking photos, just like me.  What is is for? I assumed it was to remind people to vote so I snapped some photos and thought I’d investigate more when I got home.

This morning I opened the photos and could see the sails more clearly, on them it said, thevoteboat.com.  Yeah!  A website I could check out!  (Click on it and you can too.)  What did I discover?  A company that uses sailboats around many popular ports, including New York, to help companies with branding.  And what a great way to get the attention of thousands of people a day for their services… put both candidates on a boat and you get people talking!

Now, what can we, as artists, take away from this?  Get creative, I say!  What can you do locally or nationally, to get attention to your art or brand?  What are the hot topics that you can leverage to build brand awareness?

I don’t have the answers since I just got back and am catching up on laundry, but you can bet that as the clothes go from the washer to the dryer the cogs in my brain are turning…

Have a creative day!

~  Tara