I love the Art Licensing Information Forum! It is a great place to exchange ideas and it’s very laid-back.  No pressure to be there every day or even every week. Just drop in and say hi, share a picture, a success story, ask a question… whatever!  If you aren’t a member, you can check it out here… FORUM

Today I met with 5 other artists who are interested in Licensing and who are all on this forum.  (OK, I admit to bringing one non-forum person but she didn’t know about it so I’m sure she’ll join us shortly!)  They said I had permission to post this picture as long as I posted links to their websites.  (Saavy marketers aren’t they?  Always ask for a link!)

forumlunch-nov10Here are our smiling faces… I’m smiling because I ate my favorite French Fries!  (We met at the McMinamen’s Imbrie Hall — it is a local chain of restaurants in interesting buildings — an old elementary school, a few theaters, a barn, rumor has it soon to be in a mortuary — but the BEST fries!)

Now check out the talented group I was able to sit and chat with:

Karyn Servin
Annie Salness
Nancy Webster (need a link Nancy!)
Melissa Thornburg Rocha
Aaron Christensen

It was wonderful to talk about what we wanted to do, exchange licensing advice, share experiences, etc.  One of the common themes was how nice it was to meet people in person– it decreased our sense of “isolation”.  I left so happy and energized!

I highly recommend you find some local artists to meet with in person.  Do it for fun.  Do it to master mind.  Do it to stay motivated and accountable.  Whatever the reason – it’s just plain fun so find a group you like and JUST DO IT!

You can look through the forum members and see if any are in your area.  If they are, send some emails and meet for lunch.  You have to eat, right?  And you just might make some new friends with common interests along the way.


P.S.  If you have a “forum meet-up” take pictures & add them to the forum!