I don’t know the exact date but a little birdie told me to remind you to get your name on the list – it’s no obligation but can save you $ if you decide the smARTist telesummit – the only artist professional development conference of it’s kind – is for you!

The discount will last only 6 days once it’s released – and the telesummit is only open to the first 500 artists to register.  So watch your email!  Click here to get on the list: www.smARTist.com/tara *

Here are some details about the event – to be held in January 2011:

After you register you get a private website Inside The smARTist Telesummit.   This is where the action happens. It’s where everyone who comes to the conference gets to:

  • Upload a juicy profile with 2 images of work, a photo of the artist and a summary of the most recent success story – and we have a public version you can link back to your website or blog to let people know just how serious about your career you are!
  • Complete a unique “Vision Questionnaire,” which helps you focus conscious attention on both your art and your art career
  • Have access to a calendar for all 7 days, with instant recordings if you have to miss any of the 13 sessions, all the handouts that I require each speaker to prepare, and the written transcriptions of each presentation
  • Read full bios of all the speakers, leading authorities in each of their respective fields with amazing backgrounds you have to read to believe!
  • Take part in the “Stay-on-Track Program,” with workbooks that prepare you to immediately identify which piece of new information fits the area of your art career that needs it the most
  • A FAQ page that keeps all the info you need the most in one place
  • The Alumni Lounge – for returning smARTist participants with a number of special goodies just for this very committed group of artists
  • A “Hot List of Books” area where all the books that a speaker mentions in their presentation, including books the speakers have authored, are immediately available to you (no wondering…”now, what did he mention?”)
  • And The Best: The smARTist Forum, where artists hang out and answer each other’s questions, get to ask me questions one-on-one (something only my private clients usually get), share resources, horror stories, ask for help, YaHOO each other’s successes. This place never fails to amaze me each year with its generosity of spirit – truly worth the price of admission all by itself.

I’m honored to be the art licensing expert in the telesummit this year.  Will you join me and the many other experts that will open your eyes to many ways to diversify your art business?

Click here to get on the list: www.smARTist.com/tara *

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

P.S.  If you want to download and listen to the hour long audio replay with Ariane – the founder of the smARTist Telesummit, CLICK HERE.