It seems I’m not the only one on Facebook that loves a good quote or a funny yet true quote from… I get the most likes, comments and shares on those quick bits of visual inspiration.

Yesterday I saw and shared this – then it made me think and chuckle throughout the day.

I shared it on my page saying, “Most artists are allowed in my treehouse but not all…”

This concept moved from a giggle to a share to a more serious idea for me.  I love the idea of a treehouse – I mean most treehouses are built by (or at least for) kids.  Most of the kids apply rules to their treehouse like “no parents allowed” or “no girls allowed” or “no boys allowed”.

The beauty of a treehouse is the owner gets to make the rules.  Don’t fit the criteria or follow the rules?  You don’t get to be in the treehouse!

Here are a few of the rules of my treehouse:

  1. No dwelling on the negative.  Things are the way they are so people in my treehouse must focus on making things work and not bemoaning what doesn’t.
  2. Keep the fear factor to a minimum.  Fear holds you back, makes you worry, gives you gray hair (so I’ve heard) and many other unwanted outcomes.  To focus on things that scare you and using fear as a reason to stay stuck is not allowed in my treehouse!
  3. Debbie Downer and Negative Nellie aren’t allowed to even touch the ladder let alone climb up!  People who always see the downside and dwell on what they don’t like are not the people I chose to hang out with.
  4. Polly Positive – come on in and stay awhile!  I like to surround myself with people who have a “can do” attitude – who find the silver lining in any situation and figure out how to make things happen – this inspires me to do the same!
  5. Smile, laugh and have fun and three golden rules of Tara’s Treehouse!  Life is short – be in and enjoy the moment!
  6. Don’t be afraid to try and fail.  You will never know until you try so if something seems interesting to you – go for it! Even if the outcome isn’t what you hoped for or expected, I’m sure there will be some valuable lessons learned in the doing…

SO… if your life is your treehouse, what are your rules?

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

P.S.  Thank you to for your ability to make me smile and giggle – pretty much on a daily basis!