Our long-anticipated call with Kathy Davis is TOMORROW NIGHT!  Can you believe it???

Kathy Davis and Tara Reed talk about art licensingOur questions are prepared.  We are ready to go… will you be joining us?

If you have signed up for this or any past call (and not unsubscribed of course!) – you will get (or have gotten) a reminder email today with the dial in number and access code.  It is always free to listen live to any of our calls. If you have never been on a call before,

Since this is Kathy Davis’ first Art Licensing Info Ask Call, the replay will be free as well!

If you have never been on a call before, head to AskAboutArtLicensing.com/ask-kathy-davis/ to sign up to get the dial-in details.  Just put “no question” in the question space.

Hope you can join us tomrrow!

– Tara Reed

P.S.  You DON’T have to be on social media to participate and listen to these calls – all you need is a phone.  If you do enjoy Twitter and Facebook, we chat on those during the call but it is by no means necessary! 🙂

TWITTER:  If you are on twitter during the call, use #ask_art so we can find you.  Follow the hash tag to make new Twitter friends that are also interested in art licensing.

FACEBOOK:  I will start a conversation stream right before the call.  If you have comments or something is resonating with you, add it as a comment on the stream.  This will all be happening at www.Facebook.com/ArtLicensingInfo