I wanted to report in – I gave my 4 minute Teleseminar Secrets Challenge Speech last night and it went really well – or so I’m told! I was a little nervous but nothing like last year!

What I had to do was explain why I thought I should win “Top Vote Getter” for the Veteran Category – meaning I had made more than $1 with Teleseminars. It was supposed to inspire others, show my passion and what I felt teleseminars had done for my business. Would I be a good spokesperson for teleseminars? Did I make sense? Those were the parameters on which we were judged. (No results in just yet…)

When I sat down to write my speech, I thought about how much teleseminars had changed my business – how they have helped me connect with artists and other industry experts who have come on board to share. Most of all, I wanted to show how I felt it has helped all of us – now you can learn in the most remote region in your fuzzy slippers and you don’t have to travel to New York, Atlanta or Las Vegas. (and neither do I! I’m in fuzzy socks – every time!)

I think I got the point across and here is why: a fellow student was giving me feedback on my speech on Twitter (www.Twitter.com/LoydLarue)

First he said: you did a gr8 job @ the challenge.

I of course thanked him!

Then he said: You Are My Everything @Michael Bublé ==>http://bit.ly/7f8PsV ==>this could be your biz song mantra…?? just a thought.

I didn’t understand so I asked for an explanation.  (Honestly, I have that song as the ring-tone when Craig calls so to me it was a romantic song)

@LoydLarue replied: I was just thinking of your passion towards your prospect / clients.. “You are my everything” made sense @ the time..lol

So I’d say my love for this side of my business shined through – yippee!  I am also happy the speech is over so I can get back to my art and look forward to our upcoming teleseminars.  You are coming right?

Wed, 2/17:  www.AskAboutSEOforArtists.com

Wed, 2/24: Brand Yourself for Success in Art Licensing with Paul Brent

So… thanks for your support through this challenge, the blog and everything else going on.  You are my online everything…

– Tara Reed