I love the internet!  It really does make so many things possible…

Last week I received an email from Cory Huff telling me about a student in Sweden working on her thesis – he thought I might be interested in taking the survey and helping her out.  I did, and I offered to help spread the word to other artists.

Kristian Bolge is studying at the Department of Art History, University of Stockholm, Sweden. She is writing her bachelor thesis on self represented artists online. The purpose of the thesis is to examine how artists create their identity online. The title of the thesis is ”Individual artists online – the creation of Art and Identity”.

I’m helping her get in touch with self-represented artists who can help by answering a survey (duration about 10 minutes).

If this sounds interesting and you have the time, please answer the questions and email them to her at mail@kristianbolge.se  I have put them in a Word document you can download, complete and send back to her.  Your name will not be shared or included in the thesis – everyone’s answers remain confidential.


Thanks so much!


Tara Reed